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Very good

I liked it, but you forgot about Oscar Mike and Ramirez doing everything. x3

MoozipanCheese responds:

Poor Ramirez. And let's not forget about Oscar Mike. He was the greatest of all.

Less hand, more pencil

Yeah Im not digging the hand. The omnipotent pencil was better. But still a good animation. One point though, I dont like when outside sources come in to screw up or fix a situation. It was better when the penic drew something that could act as it wanted, not something that was porbably drawn by the pencil, but possibly wasnt and comes in off screen.


Thats not a good wow. For all the wait and the build up and the legnth, you need to do more then what you did. He survived by being betrayed, big whoop. Thats the only thing that gets answered. Theres no humor and the characters achieved nothing. This is basically a 15 MB flash of nothing.It wasnt worth the wait and Im sorry if this sounds mean but its true. I was very disappointed by this.

Aeonstars responds:

I understand where you're coming from and I thank you for not simply voting 0 because you felt that way. The fact of the matter is episode 3 was never meant to be delayed this long and nothing could have truly satisfied after that elongated break. What I can tell you though is that there is a reason why "links" work the way they do. Look again into the background and hopefully you'll find I gave you a lot more than nothing.

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Fucking spikes

This was a really good game. I especially like that you can run through spikes. My mind refuses to acknowledge that fact and it has left me in some weird situations. The control scheme is good, but the speed of the character isnt. If you could tweak it so its a tad lower or add a build up to that speed that would be great. Other then that good job!


That is my only issue. Thats what kept me playing when I died a thousand times in one spot or another, that if I won Id learn what happened and whats going on. That was a big deal for me because its a great game, but with no story it just... oh whats the word, it just doesnt deliver.


Farthest I made it and it was hard x3 is there anything after that?

Great game btw!

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Another good submission

But I seem to notice a pattern, people either love it or want you to stick to machinimas x3. Word of advice, fuck em. If you like the song and want to make another, make another.

Good job

Your right, this is music for the boss before the boss. Gets you pumped in a way. Good job.

Good job

My only real beef with this song is that it has alot of repeating themes. Like you have the main one that holds a certain section together, but the change up beats, the ones that are in the foreground are just about as repetitive as the ones holding it together, your base beat. Other then that it sounds great.

gregaaron89 responds:

No offense meant, but I'm guessing you don't listen to progressive house? (what the structure and melodies are based off of) It's pretty repetitive lol, focuses more on slow changes. I could've changed the beat a bit more though, thanks

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Good job

Talk to tom and make like 20-30 of em and sell em in the store

That engy is spy!

Good work man.



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