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Mochi, GTFO!

2009-10-05 14:12:10 by TheReno

I am sick and tired of seeing games on newgrounds that use mochi. Know why? Because usually to access the extra content you have to pay mochigold (which is real money you pay to mochi to get mochi gold). Thats bullshit. Its one thing if your going to sell the game so you put out a demo (exmortis 3) but to put most of a game out there and then force me to pay to be able to save or get 2or 3 extra levels is bullshit. The only game I know of that uses mochi that might be a good standard to set for this bullshit system would be twinshot two, where you had the main arc and then a bonus arc of 40 some levels. Not these 2-3 level bullshit (Ive taken a liking to this word for this arguement).


Mochi, GTFO!


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